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COSI's High School YOU.edit Program

On Friday, July 26th, COSI’s high school YOU.edit program culminated in a showing of student-made films in Galaxy Theater.

The program, supported by MacNeil/Lehrer and designed/operated in conjunction with WOSU’s Shawn Likley, introduced teens to the various aspects of video production. Shawn and I led workshops on camera settings, lighting techniques, storyboarding, and editing. Our students can now tell you all about the difference between 24p and 30i frame rates, the usefulness of key and rim lights during the filming of interviews, and the relationship between a camera’s ISO and aperture settings.

After two weeks, the students completed short documentaries on various social issues (drug abuse, obesity, etc.). At this link, please watch a documentary by Kaylin Allhouse on our country’s obesity epidemic.


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