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A loan can be replaced, here is then spoken of a replacement. This usually takes place when a loan is deleted through a rescheduling , but a new loan is taken. If a loan is repaid, this can be done at one and the same bank, but not infrequently, two different banks are included here. The reason for a replacement may, among other things, be the end of an agreed fixed interest period. In general, the interest rate increases after this tie, which many would like to avoid by replacing it with a new loan where the interest rate is lower. Another reason can be the merger of several loans. These can be, for example, the credit line and the personal loan. The credit line is then repaid and the amount plus interest is added to the personal loan. Since many banks offering a replacement, offer more favorable conditions than the previous bank, the change takes place.


Loan Replacement

Loan Replacement

But with the replacement, not only the loan or loan agreement has to be transferred to the new bank, but also the collateral. In the case of registered land charges, the replacement and the related transfer must be notarised. The process of a replacement is usually taken over by the acquiring bank, if the customer has given a corresponding power of attorney, because the institution must get all the necessary information, such as the amount of the transfer fee and the collateral.

It is advisable to look at the terms of other banks during the term of a loan, which also offer a replacement, because you can gain the advantage of having to pay a lower final amount, which can also reduce the monthly burden. At the same time, it may also be the case that after a rescheduling with replacement, the amount remains the same, but money is available in addition. Above all, the replacement of a dispo credit is usually useful, because here, the interest rates are higher than a personal loan. However, a replacement must be checked carefully, because not infrequently this is associated with additional fees. The process is not easy for all redemptions if, for example, an interest rate has been set for the entire term with the bank, because then legitimate reasons for redemption must be provided.


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401 (K) Loans: What You Need To Know – 2019 Tue, 16 Apr 2019 16:54:51 +0000




Many 401k members see their growing pension accounts as a tempting supply of money. Fidelity’s Quarterly Retirement Snapshot sums the average 401 (k) plan balance at the end of 2014 to $ 91, 300 while long-timers who have been stuck for over 10 years have an average balance of $ 248,000 with their 401k.

consumers, their 401 (k) assets can exceed the amount of all their other financial accounts. (For related information, see: 6 Problems with 401 (k) plans. )

Temptation City


The interest rates on a 401 (k) loan are low – sometimes 1-2% above prime – and the interest is repaid to your own account. Borrowers love these loans because they are not taxable withdrawals. The low interest rates tempt participants to borrow from their 401 (k) on other options with higher interest rates such as credit cards or bank loans.

Another advantage of borrowing a 401 (k) are the loopholes in the repayment. Under certain conditions, reimbursements can be suspended, for example when you perform a military service or if you take leave for less than a year. However, these terms and conditions do not relieve your repayment responsibility. They are only a temporary interruption of the reimbursement.

How much can you borrow?

How much can you borrow?

According to IRS. gov, there are certain parameters for 401 (k) loans. If your company allows loans from the 401 (k) plan, there are limits to the loan amount. (For related information, see: Can I buy my 401 (k) to buy a house? )

The IRS determines that the maximum loan amount is “the largest of $ 10, 000 or 50% of your acquired balance, or $ 50,000, whichever is less.” So if your 401 (k) account balance is $ 30,000, then the maximum loan amount is $ 15,000.

The loan must be repaid within five years with equal principal and interest repayments with at least one payment per quarter. You may also be able to repay the loan over a longer period if you use it to purchase your primary home.

The 401 (k) Loan’s Upside

The 401 (k) Loan

If you come across unexpected costs that you intend to pay back quickly, consider borrowing from the 401 (k) account. In most cases, the borrowing process is fast. You fill in a simple form and you have access to your money within a few days. Unlike other loans, because you borrow your own money, a credit application is not required. This means that the loan has no influence on your credit history or score.

Your interest payments are refunded to your own account, not to a lender. The loan repayments can be made via wage deduction and as mentioned earlier, the rates are low. (For more: Can I use my 401 (k) as collateral for a loan?)

The risk of a decline

The risk of a decline

Just because you can take out a 401 (k) loan. It means that you should. Don’t forget that this savings account is gradually growing and merging for your future pension. Money that is not in the account – it is used for other purposes – does not snowball to provide you with a safe pension.

If you borrow from the 401 (k) discretionary costs, such as renovating a house or a new car, you have to think long and hard about what you give up by withdrawing the money from the account. Imagine withdrawing $ 50,000 from your retirement account for three years. If the stock market rises by 9% in each of those years, you have lost $ 14, 751 in potential investment returns. ($ 50,000 grows to $ 64, 751 in three years with an annualized return of 9%.)

So what happens if you do not repay the loan?

If you take the money out of a 401 (k) plan before the age of 59 and you do not pay it back, you will be hit with a double fine. You owe 10% to the withdrawal plus income taxes. That is a good idea. Phenomenon-rich fine for money that can be aimed at a comfortable pension.

The bottom line

The bottom line

The 401 (k) loan is money ready to borrow, and it’s yours. But if you retire for use today, your own Infirmary is punishing your future self. You lose the capital gains, dividends and interest that the account would otherwise have earned. If you choose not to repay the loan at all, you charge yourself heavy taxes and a fine. In short, you should treat a 401 (k) account as untouchable until your retirement and work hard to build up an emergency fund to pay for unexpected expenses. (For more: How to calculate penalties in a 401 (k) early withdrawal?)

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Money | Payday Loans, Tue, 16 Apr 2019 05:44:55 +0000


Do you have several projects in progress that require funds? Do you have several money needs?


Depending on your money needs , a type of credit will be more beneficial to you. So, how to decide? Should I opt for a credit card or for a personal loan?

A credit card or a personal loan? It is not always easy to make a choice. These are two types of credit that help you meet money needs directly. These two financial products are quite similar in functionality, but they still have some notable differences to consider before making a choice.

The advantages of credit card and personal loan in case of money needs

The advantages of credit card and personal loan in case of money needs

For your daily expenses, credit cards are usually quite advantageous because they are inexpensive. Indeed, if you repay the balance of your credit card on time each month, you will not pay interest. Opt for a personal loan if you have more money needs . But how much are we talking about here? This is an amount you can not pay back quickly. In general, this is an amount that exceeds your monthly salary. Thanks to a credit card, you also have the possibility of paying your purchases in several monthly installments, obviously paying interest. Another advantage of the credit card is that it allows you to pay online. Many sites still need to have a credit card to order online.

But in case of money needs , the personal loan also has its own strengths. It is usually used to finance a larger project such as a trip, a wedding or a new vehicle. A personal loan is a solution to get money fast. For a financial contingency that requires a sum that you do not have, the personal loan is ideal. The interest rate is also interesting, because much less important than for a credit card.

In case of money needs, opt for a credit card:

In case of money needs, opt for a credit card:

  • Pay on time and do not pay interest
  • Pay in several monthly installments
  • Pay online

For your money needs, choose a personal loan instead:

For your money needs, choose a personal loan instead:

  • Immediate money needs
  • Interest rate
  • Simplified expenditure planning

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need money . We will advise you according to your needs and your possibilities.

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Small Credit Provider in Austria – Small Credit Comparison Mon, 04 Mar 2019 06:47:03 +0000

So-called small loans are often taken over the Internet in Austria. They usually serve, for example, to finance a hobby. This is often possible without problems, since they can be used freely in their use mostly. It is even conceivable that the small loan can be taken as a micro-loan, so loan amounts of eg 100 to 500 euros can be included.

Current online loan providers in Austria in the credit comparison

Current online loan providers in Austria in the credit comparison

Especially with so-called small loans, it is often possible that these are paid off by so-called special repayments. Many loans can thus be removed “at one go” and thus much faster than would be the case in the natural way.Compare Current Loan Rates – Free Loan Calculator

Which loan amounts are offered for small loans in Austria?

Which loan amounts are offered for small loans in Austria?

As a rule, small loans in Austria are taken out via loans totaling 500 or above 1,000 euros.

The maximum loan amount available for this type of loan is an amount of up to € 50,000. It is recommended that in advance, of course, be calculated via the Internet, which sum can be gestemmt maximum.


Important: compare loan terms exactly

What are the maturities of small loans in Austria?

As far as the duration of small loans in Austria is concerned, this usually begins at 12 months. Depending on the credit provider, it is possible that loans can be taken up to a maximum term of up to 84 months. In general, it should be noted that there are clear differences between the loans as far as the term is concerned.

In principle, the term of small loans in Austria in 2019 can also be significantly shortened by considering additional payments in the form of special repayments instead of just the regular installments. These then ensure that the entire loan can be paid off much faster than was the case in the original calculation.

What role do special repayments in installment loans play?

What role do special repayments in installment loans play?

The special repayments are in any case an adequate means to be able to calculate how the loan can look like and how it can be repaid much faster. It pays to pay attention to the differences in credit and payment methods.

It is therefore advisable that even when calculating the small loan for Austria 2019 attention is paid to whether this can only be paid off by the regular installments, or whether it is also possible that the loan will be paid off earlier, for example through a so-called special repayment can.

Why can I use a small loan 2019 in Austria?

Why can I use a small loan 2019 in Austria?

If I want to use a small loan in Austria in 2019, I can use it freely in most cases. Should this, however, eg a house be renovated, or even a car or a motorcycle to be purchased, these projects must be stated in advance in the credit calculation.

The reason is that there may be corresponding discounts on APRs if certain projects are to be paid for. Especially goods that can be sold well in case of doubt, can usually be purchased at a much cheaper price. So, if you decide to take out a small loan and buy a car, you should compare this loan to a car loan.

  • Loan amount: usually about 500 to 50,000 euros possible
  • Duration: approx. 12 to 84 months
  • Special repayments are common
  • Low interest rates due to low interest rates
  • Loans are repaid over monthly installments

How will interest rates for small loans develop in Austria in 2019?

How will interest rates for small loans develop in Austria in 2019?

As long as the key interest rate in the EU is 0%, it should also be possible in the long term for loans to be received very favorably. Especially with so-called small loans still low conditions should be possible and not only for terms of two to three years, but also for terms of five to eight years. Thus, the small loan 2019 in Austria in terms of interest rate is also dependent on how the key interest rate is developing.

A low interest rate is generally a good sign that the interest rates on a loan are also quite low in any case. Should the key interest rate be raised again in the coming years, this should also lead to a corresponding rise in interest rates on small loans and car loans as well as other financing in Austria.

Meanwhile, a large part of small loans in Austria is handled directly via the Internet. This means that the loan is calculated online and then requested online. Mostly the Post-Ident procedure is used for credit approval. A branch bank is being visited less and less frequently for lending, which of course means that low-cost online banks can expand. The cost of maintaining an online bank is much lower than it is at a branch bank.

Small loan with immediate payment in Austria


In the search for a microcredit, there are several ways to get a loan quickly. Particularly suitable for a small loan with immediate payment in Austria here are providers for instant loans or providers for a mini loan in Austria. For example, we recommend the 500 Euro mini loan from Cashper. However, one should pay attention to the short term and the relatively high interest rates. Particularly useful here is the express function, if you still borrow money today / need on their account.

Borrow – Conditions in Austria

Borrow - Conditions in Austria

  • Age of majority – A loan in Austria can only be made by persons who are at least 18 years old.
  • KSV Query & Credit – One of the essential requirements in Austria to be able to take out a loan is to have a positive KSV query to make sure you can repay your loan.
  • Constant income (salary) – This requirement is important for the banks in addition to the KSV query and must be proven (eg with account statements / salary slips)
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The Grouping of Loans in Belgium | Small and Medium Credit. Sun, 03 Mar 2019 06:54:29 +0000


The grouping of loans in Belgium: how to cope when it is difficult to meet the monthly payments?

Some consumers find it difficult to cope with all the everyday expenses of everyday life: between food shopping, subscriptions of all kinds, contingencies and credits to be paid back, there is not always enough money left at the end of the month.

But to regain a minimum of purchasing power when you already have several loans to repay, a solution exists: the consolidation of credits in Belgium . By comparing the various offers, one can find very interesting proposals, with the possibility of reducing the monthly payments by increasing the duration of the repayments.

This solution is not necessarily the key to all the problems. For this reason, it is strongly recommended to seek the advice of a pooling expert , who knows the market well and knows how to help his clients.

No matter the solution found, you can at any time perform a simulation of credit consolidation on our site.



Bill Sikes’s field of activity is vast, but concentrated on a world of expertise: borrowing. The company offers mortgage credit, personal loan or loan consolidation in Belgium.

Bill Sikes



Although the scope of Bill Sikes benefits may seem vast at first, do not fear this versatility. Indeed, the company is an expert in loans and its employees are recognized brokers for their qualifications.

Unlike banks that offer many benefits, Bill Sikes only borrows. However, to adapt to the variety of needs, it is possible to take out different types of contracts: the personal loan, the credit pool in Belgium, car financing, energy loan or the mortgage loan.

Bill Sikes’s sole purpose is to find the most advantageous financing for each client, with low interest rates and favorable conditions. For that, the role of the broker is summed up easily: it plays on the competition above all!

discover your online credit with immediate response in Belgium



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