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Illona Roberts, Becoming a Regular at COSI’s Tech Studio

By Illona Roberts,  age 16

I have been coming to the Tech Studio at COSI for the past 2 years.   When I first entered the space, I mainly focused on 3D design and computer programming.  Then I started talking to Dave Buker about my interest in writing and performing music.  We started to go more in depth with discussing lyric writing and music theory, and it was at that point that I started dabbling in music production.   For the past year, that has been my main focus.

In the early months, I wrote, recorded, and produced my first song with the help of my mentor at the Tech Studio.  The process was long and arduous, but I enjoyed almost every minute of it.  Learning Logic Pro X was overwhelming at first because of the new to me software.  After watching, asking tons of questions, and learning; I finally got a handle of it. The next step was learning how to mic my instrument and working on being consistent on my time signatures.   Learning more about music theory helped me build a better structured chord progression.

My goal is to produce full-length songs with multi-instrument tracking.   This will require more in depth study of music theory and Logic Pro X.

I am so grateful for the opportunities that the Tech Studio has given me.  It gives me access to software, equipment and supportive mentors that have guided me towards my goals of professional music production.

Here I am playing some of my work:


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