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Join us for CMOA/Surge Columbus Screen Printing Day!

Two Teens are working on marketing, outreach and support for the upcoming SURGE wide workshop. Here is a blog post written by one of the teens: Darius.

Surge Columbus is hosting a screen printing workshop for people ages 13 to 20 to come in and work with local Columbus artists and print amazing designs on t-shirts-. The event takes place April 20th from 2pm to 6pm at the Columbus Museum of Art, but teens are free to stay later for our weekly Teen Open Studio that allows any young artist of talent to come and create to their hearts desire. Teen Open Studio will go until 8:00pm. This is a great opportunity for anyone interested in arts, fashion, or just looking for fun teen activities here in Columbus! This event is completely free to all teens.

The Contest

Each Surge site will take submissions by young artists that represent their location. The top piece will then be made into a screen and made available for printing on April 20th. There will be additional screens that teens will be able to use to make their t-shirts uniquely their own!

The Event

For the event, SURGE will be working with five local Columbus artists who will be designing screens for everyone to come in and put on to clothing. The artists will be linked below so please feel free to check them out. Teens will come in and be given a shirt to print the design of their choosing on. Teens can bring in blank shirts of their own if they want to print more than one. Participants will be able to work directly with artists and there is no prior skills necessary. Learning how to print the designs onto the shirts is half the fun.

The Artists

SURGE Columbus will be working with the following artists. Feel free to check out their art and bios!

Dan Gerdeman:

Bryan Moss:

[Photo of: Bryan Moss of Columbus makes art]


Keturah Ariel:


Shelbi Harris:


Richard Duarte Brown:

The Columbus Museum of Art and Surge Columbus are looking forward to working with all of the young artists of Columbus! If there are any questions feel free to email myself at or my mentor Michael Voll at


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