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Screen Printing Workshop was a Success!

Written by: Darius, a Teen at CMA

Surge Columbus hosted a screen printing workshop on April 20th and it turned out to be a total success. As a result of great marketing, performed by two teens from Mosaic High School for a capstone project, the event saw nearly sixty participants and over a hundred shirts were made. Every artist designed a screen and worked alongside students to facilitate the workshop successfully. This ensured that everyone who came screen printed a designs that made them the most happy. The artists themselves were very helpful, very friendly and helped create a fun and creative environment.

After asking people who attended the workshop for their feedback, high school Junior Josie Bernard said that she, “enjoyed everything about the workshop! Being able to have fun and make something personalized with original artwork was really cool and unique! Having a community of friends and artists around me was a really great environment.”  

Most of the positive feedback we got from the workshop seemed to follow a trend. We asked people what was something that they would change for the next workshop, and the two most common suggestions were “Making your own designs” and having more colors. We have expressed these suggestions to our mentor, and in the future will take into consideration when hosting another screen printing workshop.

Overall we received positive results and had a great time hosting. Special thanks to Surge Columbus, the CMOA, our mentor Mike Voll, and all of the awesome artists who submitted designs and came out to help!


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