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Zachary Cobb, making films at WOSU and COSI

My name is Zachary Cobb. I am a fun, nice, and artistic 16 year old young man. I love to draw, read comics, spend time with my friends, and play video games. I also really enjoy listening to music, especially a variety of musical artists like Gorillaz, Lenny Kravitz, Kenndrik Lammar, and Michael Jackson. My dreams are to become a comic book artist, music producer, and a film producer/ screenwriter.

I try my best to be a model student at my school. I also take extra art classes outside of school and attend workshops to help me learn how to become an even better artist. Right now, I am even learning to make short films with the help of mentors at WOSU and COSI.

I’ve always been fascinated with learning how to film my own movies. Films like The Dark Knight and Forrest Gump are my biggest inspirations for my films. Once I joined the SURGE network, I learned so much about working both in front of and behind the camera. I also experienced learning how to make a script, edit, and direct. One day, I plan to become the best filmmaker  that there ever was. My goal is to show people my vision of a world where comic book characters exist in a more realistic setting.

Another interest I have is music. I started writing my own songs and making my own style of music. I’ve been collaborating with a lot of different musicians to mix up different genres and new unique sounding music.

Please check out my video:

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